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List of items
You can also order items that are not listed here, just ask me.
plate with and without design

teapot with stove
teapot with stove

wide tea cup
wide cup and simple cup

bowls of different sizes

two pottery birds
pottery birds, blackbird-sized, with hole for sticking on a post

Vögel aufgesteckt auf verzweigten Ast
birds stuck onto branches

zwei rote Tassen
two red cups

zwei rote Henkeltöpfchen
two red jars with handles

Krug mit zwei Henkeln
jar with two handles

Krug mit zwei Henkeln, Blumenmuster
jar with two handles

Kanne mit Unterteller
teapot with serving plate

making a clear bright sound

butter cup

Two fragrance lights orange and bluefragrance light red fragrance lights
top plate separate
Three egg cups, with saucer and without Eierbecher
with and without saucer
bride with handles - two joint jars bride with handles
approx. 12 cm tall
dolls dishes on a small table
1 set of dolls dishes, including
2 plates, 2 saucers, 2 cups, 2 jars

You can also put together a set yourself! Just send your wish list to the potter!

cachepot with flowers on a barrel  cachepot closeup
7 cm - 10 cm

balloon? for the garden and tall vases

vases for flowers in various sizes and colours

bellied vase

Vase 1
ca. 13 cm

vase with big opening

Vase 2
ca. 10 cm

vase conical towards the top

Vase 3
ca. 10 cm

jar green-brown

jar 1

approx. 10 cm

jar not bellied

Kanne 2

ca. 13 cm

2 big jars

jar 3 bellied
20 cm

jar 4
21 cm

candle holder with 3 lit candles

triple candleholder

red jar with lid

cup with lid


blue cups with handle

cup with handle

Blaue Becher, konisch


You can order these items for a small donation for covering production costs. I am not producing pottery as a business, but for hobby pleasure.

dishes for dolls and kids

bride with handles


two children at a set table with dolls

bride with handles

candleholder with three candles

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